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My Good Side…


Jason Kohlhase, skipper of the F/V Icy Bay, helps take some tension off the net, so that I can pick a fish. (Photo/Klas Stolpe)

If you’re passing by a newsstand over the course of the next month, look for a copy of Pacific Fishing if you would like to see my better side. This summer fellow photographer and fisherman, Klas Stolpe, joined the crew of the F/V Icy Bay. Klas, originally from Petersburg, is currently working for the Juneau Empire.  His work regularly graces the cover of Pacific Fishing and thankfully he kept my better side in the shot. If you’re  in Juneau, keep your eye out for more of Klas’ work, or if you are not check out the empire online at:

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  1. Your work is stunning! I haven’t seen many other folks who have captured trolling in SE so authentically, both in your photos and text. We’ve probably crossed paths on the drag or on the dock, but I’m delighted to find you out here, Chris. Hope the fall is treating you well.

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